AvPlan EFB 7.6.2 is now available from the App Store as a free update for all users. AvPlan Live has had a massive makeover in this release. We have a new live tracking site at live.avplan-efb.com plus we have added the ability hide your callsign from others or just share location with your AvPlan Cloud groups only.

AvPlan Live now shows you the location of all AvPlan EFB users (sharing their location publicly). You search for an aircraft or tap on an aircraft to view its track history and active flight plan.

AvPlan Live settings can be changed in AvPlan EFB under Settings, AvPlan Live Tracking.

In this update we’ve also added;

  • The freezing level overlay is much higher resolution and you can now zoom in further and it remains sharp
  • You can print an international route briefing

Additionally we have resolved some issues that some users were experiencing

  • The subscription page will now show all subscriptions that you are subscribed to
  • Fix an issue when editing a user waypoint on the map page on iPhone
  • Fix an issue submitting flight plans with multi-stage flight plans where there was a transition from one flight rules to another
  • Remove missing details from an international route briefing
  • Fix an issue which saw a delay in your flight plan being duplicated when it is synced or AirDropped.
  • Fix a rotation issue with some rotated approach plates
  • Fixes for Avidyne flight plan export – it now sends a multi stage flight plan as multiple plans.
  • Fix an issue where copy|select|select all menus would disappear almost immediately. SPFIB briefings, flight plan route and flight plan submission receipts can now be copied and pasted reliably. (We had to work around an iOS 11 bug here)
  • Fix an issue which caused some users to be flying in cars on AvPlan Live
  • Better automatic logging of your wheels off/wheels on times