Late last week CASA have approved the uAvionix SkyEcho2 as an ADSB-out device for VFR use (See AIP-SUP H65/20). These devices work brilliantly with AvPlan EFB for iOS and are perfect for VFR pilots flying without ADSB-out in their aircraft.

The SkyEcho2 is extremely portable, around the size of two packs of playing cards, and with its 12 hour battery life has enough life for a full day or flying. The kit comes with the SkyEcho2, RAM window mount and a USB-C charging cable.

With the SkyEcho2 in your aircraft, you will be seen by nearby aircraft equipped with ADSB-in, plus you will also see all nearby ADSB-out equipped aircraft. ADSB does not rely on any ground infrastructure, so works whether or not you are within cellular or radar coverage.

For those with AvPlan EFB for Android, support for the SkyEcho will arrive in August 2020.

Specification Value
Operating Time 12 hours
Operating Power 3 watts
Size 57x82x30mm
Weight 120 grams
SDA/SIL 1/0 (TSO-C199 GPS)
Operating Temp -45 to 70°C
Frequency 1090MHz ±1MHz
Transmit Power 20W Nominal
Frequency DO-260B DF-18
1090 Performance -93 to 0dBm
978 Performance -103 to 0dBm
Augmentation SBAS
Sensitivity -167dBm
Range -1000 to 60,000ft
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
4 simultaneous Connections
Ports USB-C