Solutions for all aviation needs

AvPlan EFB is an application for pilots enabling on the go flight planning, providing a CASA approved replacement for paper maps.

Private Aviation

AvPlan EFB is perfect for the owner-pilot. Easy, comprehensive flight planning combined with the best in-flight capabilities.

Business Aviation

AvPlan EFB has unique, customisable solutions for Business Aviation. Solutions that speed up in-cockpit workflow while also reducing corporate risk and improving compliance.


AvPlan EFB has unique, customisable solutions for SAR/EMS. With a proven track record in the most difficult of environments, AvPlan EFB has the capability to ensure you can meet your needs.

Military Aviation

AvPlan EFB has customisable solutions for military aviation. With a proven track record, AvPlan EFB is a trusted solution to meet tactical and strategic objectives.