AvPlan EFB 7.0

We’re excited to announce the release of AvPlan EFB 7.0 which is available in the Apple App Store as a free update for all subscribers. Non-subscribers who have tried AvPlan EFB before can use the new release for 14 days without a new subscription.

The major new features are;

  • Synthetic vision
  • New super fast route editing
  • Support for routing via SIDs, STARs in the USA
  • Active display of ‘hot’ SUA airspace in the USA (MOA, R, etc).
  • Detailed support for Europe
  • Worldwide VFR and IFR charting
  • Worldwide pre-flight briefings and flight plan filing
  • Worldwide SIGMETs
  • CAOs, CARs and CAAPs in Australia
  • Support for the Avidyne IFD 440/540/550

This release is the culmination of over 18 months work on our synthetic vision system. On newer devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and above) it displays colour coded terrain (turning yellow and red depending on altitude above the ground) waterways, ocean, runways and obstacles. On older devices you will see terrain displayed. Tap the new synthetic vision button on the Enroute pane to display the synthetic vision. Terrain and other required data can be downloaded by tapping the cog icon on the synthetic vision display.

When paired with a compatible AHRS device the synthetic vision system also displays the current aircraft attitude. With no ARHS present the synthetic vision will show the view directly ahead. As a special offer, purchase the Dual XGPS 190 GPS, ADSB-in, AHRS device from our online store and receive a free 1 year subscription (or extension) of AvPlan EFB Premium.

Above the flight plan is our new quick route editing box. Routes can be quickly edited using this box by typing in a new route and re-routing can be quickly achieved using the route selection button.

In the USA we have added support for SIDs and STARs. Routes can be entered using a SID and STAR and the shortest route optimiser now selects the most appropriate SID or STAR. Additionally we have added the capability to display ‘hot’ SUA airspace. These are highlighted as red regions on the maps when enabled under Map Settings, View Items, Active Airspace.

We have added detailed support for the UK and Europe in this release. This includes VFR and IFR charts, geo-referenced airport diagrams and VFR and IFR approaches. Additionally many weather overlay options are available (Decoded TAF and METARs, rain radar, SIGMETs, IR satellite, lightning, SIGWX and more), plus Eurocontrol IFR route verification, pre-flight briefings and flight plan filing. Once filed, even your departure time can be amended inside the app!

Users outside these areas have no been forgotten. We have added VFR and IFR enroute charts for the globe, which can be downloaded and saved for offline use. AvPlan EFB now includes a global database of Airports, Navigation Aids, VFR and IFR waypoints and low and high altitude IFR airways. Additionally you can receive worldwide pre-flight briefings and file a flight plan electronically with AvPlan EFB for just $1.50 USD per plan.

Our global weather capabilities have been further enhanced with a global SIGMET overlay on all charts.

For Australian pilots we have added CAOs, CARs and CAAPs inside the app (under the Text pane). The Text pane has had some enhancements also – you can search for terms in any locally saved document (across AIP, AIP SUP, CAO, CAR or CAAP). This will make finding the relevant piece of knowledge a breeze!

Lastly we have added support for obtaining the GPS position for the app from the IFD 440/540/550. We have also added support for the upcoming 10.2 release to add even more exciting features (to be on display at AirVenture 2016).

We have added a bunch of small improvements and fixes as well;

  • Flight plan/nav log appears at the top of the screen when in portrait orientation
  • You can specify a preference for low or high altitude airways in the aircraft profile
  • New options under Planning to import any filed flight plan (for Pro users). Altitude changes are also imported and applied to the plan
  • New slider control under the Weather selection menu. The opacity of all the weather overlays can be individually changed.
  • New setting under Settings, User Settings, NAIPS Details to enable full text NOTAM for SPFIB briefings
  • Auto-load the terminal pane when flying ‘direct-to’
  • Dynamically change the LSALT/MEA field in the HUD when flying off and airway or direct-to (change to the grid LSALT/MEA when >14 nm off track).
  • Tap the HUD ‘To’ field to go to the Terminal pane for that location
  • When ‘centre on location’ is enabled, panning the screen will unlock it.
  • Fixed disappearing flight plan description
  • Aircraft loading defaults, units and other details are synchronised across your devices
  • Fixed an issue where a SARTIME isn’t sent when entered in the flight plan
  • Lots of fixes for alternates
  • Fixes for fuel loading when multiple tanks are present
  • Fixes for the passenger manifest