AvPlan EFB is the perfect EFB solution for SAR/EMS operators. AvPlan EFB has a proven track record servicing iconic EMS operators in some of the most difficult operational environments. Trusted by thousands of pilots, AvPlan EFB is the ideal EFB platform for your SAR/EMS operation.

AvPlan EFB is designed to simplify flight operations and enhance back office processes and reduce operational risk.

Flight Departments

AvPlan Cloud

Manage all devices in your organisation from our cloud management platform. Manage licensing, report on software versions, data versions and upload custom charts.

AvPlan Custom Charting

Many flight departments do not operate using just aviation charts. Upload your own GeoTIFF/GeoPDF charts and deploy them to all your organisation’s EFBs wirelessly through our management portal.

Device Management

Report on and ensure compliance for all EFBs in your organisation. Display software versions and ensure devices have the appropriate data loaded for your operations. AvPlan Device Management is incredibly important for those wanting to reduce the risk of deploying EFBs in their operation.

Live Flight Tracking

Live in-flight tracking via 3G/Cellular networks or satellite. Your location can be shared with others via the website. If you do not turn up at your destination we have some idea of where to begin to search. AvPlan EFB even displays the location of other nearby AvPlan EFB users on your EFB.

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro and Garmin Pilot

At the touch of a button transfer flight plans from AvPlan EFB into both Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro or Garmin Pilot. Complex flight plans can be quickly and easily transferred to give you access to global airport diagrams and instrument approach procedures.