AvPlan EFB for Android 1.2.18 is now available for download in the Google Play Store. In this release we have added;

  • Support for ADSB-in via a wifi connected device (SkyEcho2, Stratus 3, Ping, Stratux)
  • Plain text TAF/METARs on the waypoint details display
  • Insert an RNAV approach into your plan when using drag/drop on the Enroute pane.
  • Import and export user waypoints
  • Import and export flight plans
  • Legends for the weather overlays on the Enroute pane

ADSB-in traffic targets will be displayed on the map as green icons, and targets via cellular (other AvPlan EFB users etc) will appear as blue targets. If the same callsign is seen, only the ADSB-in target will be displayed. The status of the ADSB connection can be viewed under Settings, External Devices.

We’ve also made a number of significant performance and stability improvements in this release. We’ve also resolved an issue with file associations, so AvPlan EFB isn’t always suggested as an option for random file types.