SkyVector – Web Flight Planning

We’re excited to announce that SkyVector is now integrated into the AvSoft Cloud! You can now prepare a flight plan on your desktop via and with the tap of a button, beam that plan to all your AvPlan EFB devices, wirelessly. When you open AvPlan EFB you will see the new plan on the device as a local flight plan.

AvPlan EFB can then be used to file, brief and then fly your flight, even using SkyVector charts, all offline for use without internet access.

SkyVector is a fantastic site for use on your desktop computer when you need more screen real-estate than that available on your tablet or mobile.

To link SkyVector to AvPlan EFB you need to use the same email address in both systems, and enable AvPlan Cloud Flight Plan Syncing under Settings, User Settings in AvPlan EFB. After you prepare a flight plan in SkyVector, tap the Send button in SkyVector (pictured), select AvPlan EFB and tap Beam