Today the AvPlan EFB team have rolled out a bunch of new weather alerting options.

Now when you enter a flight plan into AvPlan EFB and go flying you will receive;

  • Alerts if there is a new SPECI METAR for any landing point
  • Alerts if there is an amended TAF for any landing point
  • Alerts if there is a SIGMET or AIRMET issued which covers your flight plan track
  • Alerts if a new NOTAM is issued for a landing point in your flight plan

When you receive a notification, it can be found within AvPlan EFB under Planning, Flight Status. A notification will also be displayed on your Apple Watch.

You can configure these notifications in AvPlan EFB under Settings, Notifications.

These notifications are very important to keep abreast of changing conditions while you are in flight, especially since there is no requirement for ATC to provide this information to you.