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iOS 12

Today Apple have released iOS 12 into the wild. We’ve completed extensive testing against our latest release, AvPlan EFB 7.7.5 and have discovered no issues, but we still recommend caution when performing major iOS upgrades.  

AvPlan EFB 7.7.5 & New User Manual

AvPlan EFB 7.7.5 is now available as a few update for all users. In this release we have integrated the completely revamped AvPlan EFB User Manual into the app. You can find it under Text. The user manual is now completely searchable and has a well laid out structure and table of contents. Please let […]

AvPlan EFB 7.7.1

AvPlan EFB 7.7.1 is now available in the App Store as a free update for all users. In this release we have flattened the Map Settings menu on the Enroute pane. This will make turning various map settings options on and off far easier than before. Additionally, 7.7.1 fixes Fix issue with the interface for the Dynon […]