Data Updates valid from 8th January 2015

The first data update for 2015 is now available for download within AvPlan EFB and AvPlan Lite.

United States

The USA data update includes updated Sectional’s IFR enroute low and high charts, AFD and approach plates.

New Zealand

In New Zealand we have updated the NZ VNC chart, so it is much clearer and sharper.


There is no new data to be downloaded for Australia. Updated AIP SUP documents are available on the Text pane.

As always, open AvPlan EFB and it will download an updated database. Then tap Settings, Data Downloads to download updated maps and charts. You don’t need AvPlan EFB to remain open while it downloads data. Feel free to keep your device turned on, but you don’t need AvPlan running for the data to download.