AvPlan EFB 6.1.1

Today we have released AvPlan EFB 6.1.1 as a free update for all users. Mostly this is a maintenance release, however we have changed the way you can insert user waypoints into a flight plan.

Now, by default a waypoint is created with a Latitude and Longitude name; you are not required to name a waypoint and then insert it into the flight plan. If you wish to name the waypoints that are created, this can be done under Planning, User Waypoints.

Additionally we have fixed the following issues;

  • Fixed an issue which stopped PDF documents being opened from DropBox
  • The state of the animated weather overlays is remembered across launches (so you don’t need to turn it on again)
  • We now do not assume that holding, approach fuel is burned when planing the fuel state for subsequent stages of your flight plan
  • Fixed an issue on iOS7&8 when tapping on a SIGMET
  • Fixed some issues decoding certain METARs