Data Updates valid from 28 May 2015

Data updates valid from the 28th of May 2015 are now available for download. For US subscribers there are new Sectional and instrument approach plates for download.

For Australian subscribers there is a new edition of all charts (except WAC) AIP, ERSA and DAP. We have geo-referenced 351 new DAP plates in this data update.

For NZ subscribers there is a new AIP for download.

We have developed technology to dramatically reduce the chart sizes. These are now almost half the size they were, so they are quicker to download and take a lot less space on your device. An additional benefit is they are also a lot faster to load on your device as well.

To download all the new data onto your device, open AvPlan EFB and tap Settings, Data Downloads, Update. Updates for the current downloads will then be downloaded and saved on your device. You can even switch to other apps during the download process and AvPlan EFB will continue the downloads in the background.