AvPlan on Apple Watch

The final piece of flight testing is now complete and we are preparing our Apple Watch app for submission. We’ve put a lot of thought to what information would be really useful to have on your wrist and we are really excited with the result. Our Apple Watch app combines;

  • UTC time and departure, destination and alternate distance, bearing and weather (traffic light report) at a glance.
  • UTC time, flight time and endurance remaining (based on fuel on board in your flight plan)
  • Four count-up start/stop/reset timers
  • Nearest airports with bearing, distance and weather

The sophisticated notification engine in AvPlan EFB has also been extended to the Apple Watch. You will receive runway warnings (as you approach and enter a runway), airspace notifications and frequency changes when enroute.

In addition we have brought plain-text weather to the watch! Tap on an airport and see the current weather conditions. All decoded for easy reference.

Expect to see AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch in around 10 days – it is a free upgrade for all AvPlan EFB subscribers.