AvPlan EFB 4.2

Today we released AvPlan EFB 4.2 in the Apple App Store. This release improves support for iOS 8 and adds some really cool new functionality

AvPlan EFB 4.2 adds more weather overlays, which all work globally.

  • Lightning
  • IR Satellite
  • Global Satellite derived rain radar

These new weather overlays are all available on the En Route page by tapping the radar icon at the top right. The lightning overlay shows lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes. The IR satellite and Global rain radar are all animated loops. You will notice when you open these, or any existing weather animations, they now open at the last image. Tap the play icon to show the animated loop.

For those with the ‘GEO’ option, you will notice a new icon on the ‘Stored Plans’ page. This allows you to import a filed flight plan (either scheduled in the future, or one which has already been flown) for any aircraft or call sign. Importing a flight plan for a flight which has been flown will import the actual departure time and radar derived ground track.

AvPlan EFB will now automatically populate your flight plan with grid lowest safe altitudes for any route planned off an IFR airway. These altitudes will appear as (6400) for example, and will find the highest applicable grid lowest safe altitude within 12nm of your great circle track. You may edit these to enter your own calculated lowest safe altitudes.

We have added a pop-up notification when you change from one area frequency to another. This works in a similar way to the existing airspace and runway notifications.

The existing METAR icons on the map are now much larger to make them easier to see. These are colour coded show you the current weather conditions at a glance – green is VFR, blue is VFR (but not as good), yellow is IFR and red is low IFR.

Lastly we have added a bunch of small improvements and bug fixes. These improvements include;

  • Per-aircraft callsigns can be specified in the aircraft configuration
  • Per-aircraft settings for VFR and IFR fixed and variable fuel reserves can be specified
  • The app now assumes your variable fuel reserve is not burned
  • Tap on a forecast line to clear the line from the map
  • Per-leg user specified TAS may be specified when plan is in edit mode