AvPlan 3.2.1

This morning we released AvPlan 3.2.1 and it is now available in the Apple App Store. This release adds the ability to annotate legs in the flight plan (to store notes with each track point for example). This can be used pre-flight to store important details, or in flight to log progress and other details.  The notes will remain with the plan and will sync or be sent via AirDrop.

In addition you can now log fuel used in flight against your plan. This will enable you to compare planned versus actual fuel usage as you complete your flight.

This release also adds the ability to submit international flight plans. To enable this by default, open the Settings App, Scroll down and tap on AvPlan EFB. In the right hand pane, enable international plans. With this enabled, you can also send domestic flight plans, but these may take a small amount of time to be processed (1-2 seconds extra)

There are a number of issues that are also fixed;

  • Flights going up and back the same IFR route will submit correctly
  • New ‘add’ buttons to add things to your plan are used consistently
  • SARTIME’s on the first leg of a multi stage plan will be sent correctly
  • Warnings are now displayed when attempting to submit a plan with no departure time
  • Fixed possible crash when looking at weight and balance
  • Fixed possible crash when printing