L3 Lynx ADSB Transponder support

AvPlan EFB now includes support for the L3 Lynx series of transponders. These magnificent units combine a Mode S transponder with 1090ES ADSB-out and ADSB-in (both 1090ES and 976 UAT). These transponders can be connected to a multi function display to display weather (USA only) and traffic, or connected to AvPlan EFB via wifi.

The ‘+’ series (NGT9000+, NGT9000D+) also have active traffic, so you will also see other non ADSB equipped aircraft (with Mode-S or Mode-C transponders) on your MFD and AvPlan EFB displays.

See the AvPlan Omni page for a full list of external devices with AvPlan EFB, and see the L3 Lynx page for more details on their series of transponders.