AvPlan EFB 4.0

Today we are pleased to announce that AvPlan EFB 4.0 is now available in the Apple App Store. as a free update for all users In this release we have updated the look and feel of the app to fit with iOS 7, and in addition made a lot of great new improvements.

• New notification system – get airspace and runway warnings when you are about to enter controlled airspace, PRD areas and runways
• New data download system. Database updates are automatic and data updates can occur automatically as well (when enabled under Settings)
• AOPA Airfield Directory incorporated under Terminal
• Heading up mode for the maps
• New ruler on the En Route page. Use a two finger tap and hold to bring up the ruler
• 10/25 nm distance rings around the aircraft
• The HUD is now fully customisable
• Double tap on the map to display airspace details and download updated area forecasts
• Much faster maps
• New chart display under Terminal
• Save favourite charts under Terminal by tapping the star against the chart. There is no limit to the number of favourite charts
• Airport satellite picture available under Terminal
• Aircraft models can be password protected
• Chart legends are now available under Text
• POH entries can now be deleted
• AvPlan EFB Quick Start Guide added under Text
• Support for the ADSB-pi added, for those who want to build their own ADSB traffic receiver


We have incorporated a new notification system into AvPlan EFB. As you approach airspace you will receive a message when you are 10 minutes from entering this airspace. If the airspace is a PRD or TFR, you will also be notified if this airspace is active, de-active or unknown.

The notification engine also notifies you of runways when taxiing on the ground. As you approach a runway, a message will be displayed. As you taxi onto a runway another message is displayed, telling you which runway you have entered, and the distance remaining to each runway end.

The new airspace and runway warnings can be enabled by tapping Settings, User Settings. Runway warnings will not yet function in New Zealand.

Data Downloads

iOS 7 users will benefit from an entirely revamped download engine which takes all the pain out of keeping the data within AvPlan EFB up to date. Database updates will occur automatically in the background (downloading even when you are not using your device) and will then be available immediately when opening the app. Data updates can also happen automatically. When new charts and airport information are available, these will automatically download overnight (when your device is connected to a WiFi network). Downloads occur in the background and you do not need to have AvPlan EFB open for these to complete.

The automatic data update option can be enabled under Settings, User Settings, Automatic Data Updates. Be aware that this can result in your device downloading a lot of data (potentially gigabytes) all by itself. If you sometimes connect to the internet using your phone as a hotspot (or another device which charges you by the megabyte) then do not enable this option.

AOPA Airfield Directory

The content of the AOPA Airfield Directory is now available on the Weather/NOTAM page of the Terminal pane. This contains the entire content of the AOPA Airfield Directory. This is a separate subscription, available on the AOPA AFD website for $39.

Heading Up Mode for Maps

We have included a new heading up mode for the maps. When tapping the middle of the three buttons on the map you can enable north up, track up, heading up or free rotation. You will also notice that the state of these, and most other buttons is also displayed when they are tapped.

New Ruler

We have incorporated a ruler for measuring tracks and distances on the maps. Use a two finger press and hold to bring up the ruler. Move your fingers to move the ruler. The ruler will disappear when the map is zoomed.

We have also incorporated 10nm and 25 nm rings around the aircraft. These will also help with keeping aware of tracks and distances.

Fully customisable HUD

The HUD (enabled by tapping Map Settings on En Route) is now fully customisable. Tap and hold on a cell to change its contents. In addition if you tap and hold on two cells simultaneously, they will swap positions. We have added the following new fields;

  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Height AGL
  • GPS accuracy
  • Current and next airspace
  • Cross track error

We have more fields coming in our next release.

Customisable Colours

The colours for all overlays on the maps (Airspace, SIGMET, track log, HUD etc) can all be customised. Tap Settings, User Settings, App Colours to change (tap the save button after changing the colours for your change to take effect).

Chart changes under Terminal

We have made more changes to the Terminal pane. Charts can be rotated with your fingers to suit different chart orientations (for the US and New Zealand). Satellite images of the airports is also available on the Weather/NOTAM page.

Terminal Chart Favorites

In addition there is a new function to enable favourite charts for quick access. Tap the book icon on the top right and tap the star to set a chart as a favourite. These then appear on the list at the top. There is no limit to the number of favourite charts.

Aircraft Model Changes

Aircraft models can now be password protected. A password can be entered under Basic Performance in the aircraft settings. Aircraft models can be now sent to other apps (DropBox etc) on your iPad and also sent via AirDrop.

ADSB-Pi Support

We have added support for the ADSB-pi ADSB receiver. These can be easily built from components costing less than $100. We will publish instructions on how to build these shortly. The settings and status for the ADSB-pi is available under Settings, External Devices.

Weight and Balance Changes

The weight and balance page has had a renovation. You can now tap on a load station and add passenger names and weights (or baggage/cargo weights). These will be automatically transferred into the aircraft load sheet. In addition you will see the change in the aircraft centre of gravity displayed as a grey dashed line.

New Zealand Weather

AvPlan EFB will now remember your MetService login details when you access their website under Weather. Also, forecasts that you view in this section are automatically saved for offline use. SIGMET’s for New Zealand will now display on the maps. The MetService login window will now scroll and zoom.

 Other Changes

There are a lot of other small improvements that we have incorporated;

  • In portrait orientation, the size of the flight plan can be changed by dragging the view divider.
  • Weather forecasts older than 7 days automatically delete
  • POH entries under Text can be deleted.
  • There is a new Quick Start Guide incorporated under Text (scroll all the way to the right).
  • The chart legends are now available under Text.
  • When submitting a flight plan with a SARTIME, the SARTIME will be automatically added to your calendar. For those who have calendars that sync between devices, a SARTIME warning will then be displayed 10 minutes prior to your SARTIME expiring.
  • Some HUD entries (active leg details, current FIA and airspace) flash when they change

The following issues have been addressed

  • ZZZZ direct to ZZZZ flight plans will submit
  • Fixed an issue where the map scrolls to the top (and then is all white)
  • Printing formatting printing to certain non-airprint printers