The flight planning process

AvPlan, one tool, one process, one outcome

One of the key concepts that drove the production of AvPlan was to produce a flight planner with the full capabilities of a desktop flight planner, but on a device which can fit in your pocket. The reason this is important is that pilots can use the same process to plan a flight regardless of their location (Home base, remote charter destination, after diverting, after re-tasking en-route). Pilots do not need to know more than one tool to perform the job, and the tool can be with them at all times. Training overheads are minimised and standard operating procedures can be simplified.

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    I LOVE AvPlan.

    I have just returned from the Outback Air Race 2012 where we flew 10,500lm in the company of 18 other aircraft. AvPlan became a indispensable tool for us as we flew across tiger country for 50hrs all up.

    I have been using desktop based flight planning software. Being old school I also carry a big black bag on wheels that all up weighs 12kg when full up with paper, charts, books etc.

    The desktop application and the black bag are gone now.

    Everything that I have in that bag is inside my iPad now. Better still – it is ALL available to me in flight – whereas the bag has to, be necessity sit down the back where i cannot reach it in flight.

    There is competition out there – and many on the Air Race were using it. However they were jealous of us AvPlan users as their app kept crashing. Besides, it is a better flight planning tool.

    I always carry essential paper copies as I am not yet 100% comfortable with iPad failure or flat battery – and besides it is not to be used for navigation. But what a great situational awareness tool!

    Every map is available as un underlay to the flight plan and you can also overlay the BoM weather radars! What an awesome tool for keeping ahead of the aircraft and the weather.

    I am a convert. Well done AvPlan.

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