AvPlan Events and Subscription Changes

We’re really excited about the upcoming launch of AvPlan EFB 5.0 for iOS, which will be available in the coming weeks. This new release adds a whole bunch of extra features which will be awesome for all pilots, no matter if you fly a Drifter or a Citation. We will have a new global website, revamped user manual and other goodies.

Come learn about AvPlan EFB 5.0 at the 2015 Avalon Airshow, at our various upcoming events around the country or the online demo desk.

In addition we’re tweaking the Australian subscription model. With 5.0, the new subscription model will have three tiers, Lite, Standard and Pro. Within these three tiers you can add the option of IFR charts. AvPlan Lite, currently available for Android, will remain the same. AvPlan EFB Standard will incorporate what is currently the VFR subscription, plus new features coming in 5.0.

AvPlan EFB Pro will incorporate what is currently the Geo subscription, plus a bunch of new functionality which is to be released in version 5.0. Additionally, as we add features for advanced users, these will appear in the Pro tier.

Additionally, subscriptions for new users will be restricted to a yearly term only. The monthly option will exist for existing subscribers who have previously purchased a monthly subscription.

There also will be a slight price increase, this being our first since releasing AvPlan back in August 2011. With this increase AvPlan EFB is still far more price competitive than the old fashioned method of buying paper charts. You can renew at any time on our online store prior to the release of AvPlan EFB 5.0 and enjoy an additional year at the current AvPlan EFB price.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support line via phone or email.