AvPlan EFB 4.0.1

Today we released AvPlan EFB 4.0.1. This maintenance update adds the following new features;

  • Start/stop timer
  • BRG display to show the bearing to the next waypoints
  • Australian PCA chart added to ‘Local Maps’
  • Airspace overlays are ‘thicker’ and appear when the map is more zoomed out
  • Added support for TACAN’s
  • Airports with only AOPA entries now appear under Terminal, All Charts.

In addition we have addressed the following issues;

  • Issue when aircraft points the wrong way in north up and track up mode
  • Issue when the forecasts are deleted in the background
  • Possible issue when looking at the weight and balance page
  • Password protected aircraft models can be un-protected
  • Fixes to the PRD display which sometimes caused it not to update
  • Fixes for the NNN in the HUD in New Zealand

Work is going really well on the next major AvPlan EFB release, which adds a bunch of really neat things.