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Star your STARs!

Have you wished you can have particular plates or taxi diagrams handy, regardless of what airport you’re viewing in the Terminal pane? Here’s how you can do it! Tap Terminal, then select the book icon in the top right of the screen. You’ll see a list of all documents connected to the currently selected airport […]

Full Screen Flight Log

The interactive electronic flight log has always been one of the core features of AvPlan EFB.  An option recently added to the growing list of personalisation settings includes the ability to select between the original flight log design (on the left in landscape mode or top/bottom in portrait mode) and a full-screen mode. To enable this feature, […]

Is Your Airspace Active?

As well as the usual active airspace regions (military airspace, etc) pilots are used to seeing around their region that have fairly regular and predictable times, there’s also many other types that can ‘pop up’. It’s important to know how to find out information about them, and wether they need to be avoided now or in […]

At-a-glance METARs

The METAR Overlay on the EnRoute map has been available in AvPlan EFB for a few years now, however what happens if you’re not looking at the map at the time?  …or even that part of the map?  AvPlan EFB now displays the METAR status in the flight log: Not all waypoints will have a […]

Default Aircraft Icon

The Default Aircraft Icon is the icon that is displayed on the map whenever there is no plan currently open.  i.e. your Stored Plans list is visible. To change your icon, tap Settings > User Settings > Default Aircraft Icon. Select the icon you’d like to see, then tap the back button: Now, you should […]

Entering Passenger Names

If you simply add a weight to a load station, it’s treated as cargo by AvPlan EFB.  If you wish to add names and weights, the usual way is by tapping the ‘Persons on Board’ text….however there is a short-cut: Tap Planning > Aircraft Loading/Weight and Balance/Fuel Planning. Then, instead of tapping the green field, tap […]

Printed Flight Plan Options

A new feature that appeared in AvPlan EFB version 6 is the ability to control certain aspects of how your printed flight plan is presented.  Let’s have a look at how it’s done and what options there are… Firstly, build a new flight plan (….or with an existing flight plan open), tap Planning > Domestic Flight Plan […]

Adding a Delay

Got some aerial work you wish to do at/around a particular waypoint?  Wish to add it to the flight plan so the time can be accounted for in fuel calculations, arrival times, etc?  Here’s how to do it!   Tap the line corresponding to the leg you wish to complete the air work.  This is […]

Sharing Your Location With Others

Last week, I touched upon sharing a particular flight plan with friends or loved-ones.  But what if you don’t wish to have to send a flight plan or link each time you take to the sky?  What if you could send a single link to the important people in your life so they can watch […]

Sharing Your Flight Plan With Others

There may be many times that you’d like to share your flight live with others on the ground.  They could be friends interested in aviation – jealous of your awesome airborne adventures – or they could be loved ones that simply wish to ensure you’re safely making progress to your destination. Either way, once you’ve […]