Data Downloads

What do all those colours mean?

The Data Downloads page can give you an at-a-glance window into the data you have (or requested to have) stored on your device.  However, many users have not seen all of the possibilities that may occur in terms of the colour combinations on this page – so I thought I’d put a quick explanation together.

Data Downloads Screen

So, there it is!  All of the colour combinations on one screen.  …But what does it all mean?  Let’s break these examples down:



Clear (no shading)

Yet to be selected for download.



Deep Green

Fully downloaded and up to date – MegaVFR, EnRoute Low, ERSA (plus DAP for Pro and IFR subscribers) or AIP in NZ. Country Airstrip Guide subscribers will also have their pages downloaded as well.  This region will be included in updates when the Update button is tapped.



Light Green

This area has been downloaded, but set to Leave to Expire.  In this case, once the next round of updates arrives, the data is not renewed and eventually deleted by the app.  If you don’t wish this to occur, simply tap the region and select Do not expire section.  It will then return to a deep green state.



Light Grey

At some point, this area has been requested but the download has been halted or cancelled for some reason.  Either the internet connection was severed somehow, or the download has been manually cancelled by the user.  Look for this colour if you tap the Update button, and one particular area you don’t need keeps trying to download – a close inspection of the map will reveal it’s probably looking like this region.  Tap it and select Delete to prevent further attempts to download.




This area is downloaded, but there are updates pending.  This could be all components; or just one small part, like the ERSA for example.  Tap this region and select Download (or tap the Update button), when complete, it will turn deep green once again.




This region is in the process of being downloaded.  You’ll also see this reflected in the Downloading slider that appears from the right-hand-side of the screen.


So, if there is an extra region that seems to be always downloading when you don’t need it to, or one particular region isn’t behaving like you would expect – it’s because it has been set to one of the above colours at some stage (most likely the light grey).  This is easily fixed by identifying the region with a close inspection of the map, tapping it, and selecting Delete. Fixed!