Adding an Alternate

Having an appropriate alternate in your flight plan is an important part of being prepared.  Thankfully, AvPlan EFB makes it easy to add and have the fuel calculations in place, should your plan A not work out as expected.

After completing the main part of your flight plan (i.e.  your departure airport, destination airport and intermediate waypoints as needed), tap the plus above the flight plan.














In the ‘Add Track Point’ popup, ensure the switch is set to Alternate. You can then type in the name or airport code.  From the results, tap the blue plus next to the desired airport.  If you have the flight plan set to IFR, you’ll be given the option to select connecting routes (just like when planning to your primary).




























Your alternate will now be submitted as part of the flight plan.  Each stage in a multi-stage flight plan can have an alternate.  Alternates are also not limited to IFR planning – they can be added to VFR plans, too (handy for night VFR!).

While in flight, having made the decision that your primary is no longer appropriate, you can activate navigation to your alternate by either tapping the Next Leg button (top-centre of En Route pane) or pressing and holding the first alternate line in the flight log then selecting Activate Leg from the Leg Settings menu.