Quickly Accessing BOD/EOD details for your destination.

There are many reasons why pilots should be aware of daylight hours – particularly Day VFR pilots.

If you’re ever wondering what time is official End of Daylight, you can quickly access this by tapping the corresponding line in your flight plan.  This is a little shortcut to accessing Terminal information about a place that’s in your flight plan.

AvPlan EFB will open the Terminal Pane.  Make sure you are looking at the ‘Weather/NOTAMS’ page within the Terminal pane – if you’ve been looking at airport diagrams/plates previously, they might be still displayed.  Simply swipe from left-to-right (possibly a couple of times) to get back to the Weather/NOTAMS page.  Or you could use the ‘three finger tap’ shortcut – see this earlier tip.



The above data is available to you regardless if you are in the air or on the ground; connected to data or not.  In the air, you can compare your expected arrival time with EOD and make an early decision to divert and land early if you’re not going to make your intended destination within safe light limits.