Traffic Trails

Have you ever been watching traffic on the map and wondered what their next move might be?  Now you can make an educated guess…

New in AvPlan EFB 6.0, double-tapping on a traffic icon will bring up its available previous track.


Note that the available lengths of the trail depends on the traffic type and how long the iPad has been able to ‘observe’ it.  If you’ve just started AvPlan EFB and tapped on a traffic icon, you’ll only see a very short trail.  If AvPlan EFB has been running for some time, you’ll see much longer trail.  ADSB traffic is only observed for a certain time.

If you’d like to see AvPlan Live traffic, read about turning it on here.

To clear a trail from the map, simply double-tap the traffic icon once again.  The trail will be hidden from view but will continue to be observed for later viewing.

Give it a try!