New NavData – Using the app while it’s still downloading.

It’s that time again – new NavData cycle.  NavData is at the core of AvPlan EFB, containing waypoints, airways, navaids, map orientation data and much more – so it’s important you have the most up-to-date information at your disposal.

You may open the app to find that it needs to “Download Updated NavData”.  A little known fact is that in most cases, you don’t necessarily need to wait for it to complete.  You can dismiss this message and get going with planning your flight.

This is achieved by tapping the Accept button that appears in the bottom-right-hand corner of the message card.


You will then be able to continue on with flight planning as normal, and the download will complete in the background.

The exception to the above is when you either don’t have any NavData loaded yet, or your NavData has become corrupted in some way in your devices’ storage.  In which case, you’ll receive a ‘NavData Invalid’ message just above the progress bar and you’ll have to wait a few moments for it to complete.