At-a-glance METARs

The METAR Overlay on the EnRoute map has been available in AvPlan EFB for a few years now, however what happens if you’re not looking at the map at the time?  …or even that part of the map?  AvPlan EFB now displays the METAR status in the flight log:


Not all waypoints will have a METAR dot, but if there is a METAR station associated with the waypoint you’ll automatically see it depicted in your flight log.  They will update at as the METARs get updated.

Tap on the row of a waypoint and tap MET to see the full METAR/SPECI details.


For a quick reminder of how to decode the colours:

Green (VFR). Visibility >8km, Cloud >3000ft AGL.

Blue (Marginal VFR). Visibility >5km, Cloud >1000ft AGL.

Yellow (IFR). Visibility  >1600m, Cloud >500ft AGL.

Red (Low IFR). Visibility  <1600m, Cloud <500ft AGL.

• METARs with unknown or missing data (some only collect wind and/or QNH) are displayed as grey icons.