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Update 8/10/20: Users can consider upgrading all devices to iOS14.



Recently Microsoft released a new version of their flight simulator, MSFS2020 and we’ve fielded quite a few questions about its use with AvPlan EFB. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers.

Does AvPlan EFB work with MSFS2020?

Yes it is known to work, on both Android and iOS. You will need to use extra software to make the two packages work together (which is no different to how older Flight Simulator versions worked). The options are FSUIPC or XMaspy. There are current reports of lagging issues with FSUIPC but XMaspy is reported to work well. From reports, XMaspy is the easiest to get installed and operational.

Does AvSoft Australia support AvPlan EFB connecting to MSFS2020

We do not officially support any flight simulator software, but MSFS2020, FSX and X-Plane all use the same mechanism we use internally to test our software. We provide assistance to customers on a best effort basis only.

Do you provide discounts to flight simulator users?

At the present time no special discounts are available.



AvPlan EFB for iOS 7.10.4

AvPlan EFB for Android 1.2.18

AvPlan EFB 7.10

uAvionix SkyEcho 2

AvPlan EFB 7.9.7

AvPlan EFB for iOS version 7.9.7 is now available from the App Store. In this release we have improved the flight plan interface to Garmin Avionics (via Garmin Pilot). Additionally there are fixes for some flight planning issues and an issue with black boxes being printed on the nav log when the device is in Dark Mode.



AvSoft Australia Introduces Ok2fly

Moorabbin, Vic March 2020 – AvSoft Australia, the developers of AvPlan EFB, have today announced the launch of ok2fly. Ok2fly is a new website for remote piloted aircraft systems which will tell you if you and your drone are ok2fly.

Ok2fly is only app for remote pilots that accurately depicts all operational requirements, no matter the time of day, the type of operation or changes in airspace. Ok2fly is fully approved and integrated into the CASA RPAS platform to ensure you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Ok2fly developer Peter Derrick says, “After CASA decided not to proceed with the development of a replacement for the now discontinued Can I Fly There app, and because we were already delivering planning solutions to professional drone pilots, we decided that we could easily fill the gap in the market.

Given our experience with professional drone, general aviation and commercial pilots we knew that they are very detail oriented,” he continues. ”Therefore, for them to want to use the app, the app would need to provide the user with the information they require to fly their drones as safely as possible.”


As a CASA Part 175 certified data provider AvSoft were uniquely placed to provide the information needed to fill the basic data requirements of the app, but based on our electronic flight bag and recent digital mapping efforts the company was also able to provide a more comprehensive tool for drone pilots to use.


This includes :


  • real-time activation of restriction and danger areas
  • automatic visualisation of NOTAMs effecting drone operation
  • drill down on restricted, danger and visual NOTAMs
  • extended radius review of the drone flight area
  • detailed reporting beyond a basic yes I can or no I can’t fly
  • reduced clutter by minimising the overlap of objects
  • making sure that spatial rules effecting whether a drone can be flown at a location are clearly depicted
  • automatically providing links to supplemental decision-making information


There’s actually a lot more to come,” says Peter. “Users have been providing great feedback to us, so there are some new items in the enhancement list thanks to our users.”


In the future, ok2fly will incude:


  • high resolution terrain map
  • radio frequency data
  • additional restriction/danger information
  • additional airspace display options
  • continued refinement of existing functionality
  • and, of course, mobile versions


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