Quickly find an approach plate

To access an approach plate for a leg in your flight plan, tap on the row of the plan. The Terminal pane will open with that point. Scroll left and right to locate the appropriate plate, or two finger tap to bring up a list of plates. Scroll and then tap this list to find the desired approach.

Copy an aircraft type

To copy an aircraft type, tap ‘Settings’ then ‘Aircraft Type Database’. Tap ‘Edit’ and select the aircraft type to be copied. Tap ‘Copy’ and a copy will be created.


Track direct to a leg in your plan

To track direct to a leg in your current plan, tap and hold on that leg in the flight plan. From the list of options which appear, tap ‘Direct  To’. This will activate the plan in ‘Direct To’ mode, tracking to that point.

Cancel weather download

At times of bad network connectivity, downloading weather forecasts can be slow. To cancel a weather forecast download in progress, tap the ‘Refresh’ button on the flight plan. This will cancel any downloads in progress.

Clear a flight plan for reuse

To clear all details from a flight plan so it can be reused, tap the edit button on the bottom left of the flight plan. Scroll to the end of the plan and a row of buttons will be visible. Tap ‘Clear Times’ to reset all the en route times from the plan, tap ‘Clear Track’ to delete the track log, and tap ‘Clear Fixes’ if you wish to clear any user fixes created when the plan was active.


Cancel Direct-To Navigation

To resume tracking via your flight plan after flying in ‘Direct To’ mode, tap and hold on the appropriate leg in your plan. Then tap ‘Activate Leg’ and that leg will become the active leg. The leg will turn magenta on the map, and the flight plan will show you are tracking ‘To’.

Track Direct-To A Point Not In Your Plan

To track direct to a point which is not in your plan, tap and hold the map near the location near where the point is located until the ‘Nearest Items’ window appears. Tap ‘Direct To’, and then tap ‘+’ on waypoint. Direct-To mode will be activated, the current leg in the plan will show a grey ‘D’ instead of ‘To’. The position display will also show that the plan is in ‘Direct-To’ mode.

Display a METAR


AvPlan will overlay METAR’s on the maps and colour code them depending on the actual conditions. Tap the map settings button on the En Route page, and tap ‘Weather’ and then ‘METAR’. METAR’s will appear on the map from the current forecast only, colour coded as follows;

  • Green (VFR). Visibility > 8km, Cloud > 3000ft.
  • Blue (Marginal VFR). Vis > 5km, Cloud > 1000ft.
  • Yellow (IFR). Vis > 1600m, Cloud > 500ft.
  • Red (Low IFR). Vis < 1600m and Cloud < 500ft.

If you then tap on a METAR icon on the map, the full text will appear.


Night flying

When flying at night, fully dim the iPad using the iPads brightness control and then further adjust it with the dimming control within AvPlan. This gives the maximum control of the brightness.

Move a flight plan leg

To move a flight plan leg, tap and hold on the waypoint on the map until the blue ring appears around your finger. Drag your finger to the location of the new waypoint and lift your finger. Tap the ‘+’ on the desired waypoint from the Nearest Items window, and that waypoint will replace the previous waypoint.