AvPlan 1.5.2

AvPlan 1.5.1 is now available in the App Store. In this release we have added SIGMET and METAR overlays over the maps. The SIGMET overlay is still in prototype form – expect to see this being refined over the next release or so. To get the most from the SIGMET overlay, download an updated database, which includes some MET reporting points which were previously omitted.


METAR and SIGMET overlays

To assist with situation awareness we have added two new map  overlays in the upcoming 1.5.2 release;

The METAR overlays the METAR information from the last downloaded forecast over the map. The METAR can be viewed by tapping on the blue icon. The wind arrows conform to the standard BOM notation. If a SPECI is applicable, an exclamation mark icon will appear adjacent to the METAR icon.

The SIGMET overlays any SIGMET’s in the last downloaded forecast when there is position information encoded in that SIGMET as a sequence of points.




AvPlan 1.5.1

AvPlan 1.5.1 has been approved and is now available via the Apple App Store. AvPlan1.5.1 adds the following new features

  • New position overlay on all maps
  • Map legends are now available
  • SARTIME notifications can be edited or cancelled.
  • The weather icon changes if there is a SIGMET in the current forecast
In addition there are a number of changes to current functionality to improve usability
  • Aircraft types have been split from aircraft. The aircraft type database is now available under ‘Settings’
  • Most popup windows also dim when the display brightness is changes
  • The size of the brightness control has been increased
  • All popup windows will disappear when the original button is pressed
  • All downloaded data is checked for consistency in the background and a warning is issued if previously downloaded data is unavailable
  • The notepad colour has been changed to white.

November Data Update

The finishing touches are going on the November 2011 data update which is valid from 17 November. Expect to see AvPlan prompt you to download a new database in the coming days. Once the new database has downloaded and installed, the new ERSA, DAP and Maps can be downloaded from the ‘Data Downloads section’.

To download the new charts;

  1. Tap ‘Settings’
  2. Tap ‘Data Downloads’
  3. Select ‘NavData 1111’ as the database version
  4. Download the new ERSA, DAP and maps. Only new maps will be marked as ‘Download’. (The Mega WAC, WAC and PCA charts remain unchanged in this data cycle).

These will be saved, and will automatically become active at the correct time.