AvPlan 1.5.1

AvPlan 1.5.1 has been approved and is now available via the Apple App Store. AvPlan1.5.1 adds the following new features

  • New position overlay on all maps
  • Map legends are now available
  • SARTIME notifications can be edited or cancelled.
  • The weather icon changes if there is a SIGMET in the current forecast
In addition there are a number of changes to current functionality to improve usability
  • Aircraft types have been split from aircraft. The aircraft type database is now available under ‘Settings’
  • Most popup windows also dim when the display brightness is changes
  • The size of the brightness control has been increased
  • All popup windows will disappear when the original button is pressed
  • All downloaded data is checked for consistency in the background and a warning is issued if previously downloaded data is unavailable
  • The notepad colour has been changed to white.