AvPlan 1.0 Submitted

We have re-submitted AvPlan 1.0 to the Apple App Store for review. After initial rejection on some fine print points we are confident that this release will pass the process. This means you should see the app in the store within the next week.

This release is for the iPad only. The iPhone version will follow in the next few weeks – We will keep you posted on that.

AvSoft Store Now Open

With recent changes to the contractual fine print around subscriptions in the App Store we can now offer direct subscription sales direct from our website. These will be yearly subscriptions at a 20% discount over those provided through the subscription mechanism built directly into the application.

Through the AvSoft Store the prices for the subscriptions are;

  • AvPlan Flight Planning (1 Year Subscription) $35 (inc GST)
  • AvPlan VFR Upgrade Pack (1 Year Subscription) $40 (inc GST)
  • AvPlan IFR Upgrade Pack (1 Year Subscription) $55 (inc GST)

With these prices the fully configured application with ERSA, AIP, DAP charts and all VFR and IFR maps with a yearly update service will be $130 inc GST per annum.

As a comparison the update service alone from Airservices Australia for the traditional paper publications and maps is $946.10 per year.

The store is now open for business; we are just awaiting final approval from Apple to formally launch the product.

AvPlan for iPhone

The development effort for AvPlan for iPhone is rapidly coming to a conclusion, and it appears that the first release available through the App Store will support both the iPad and iPhone.

All features available on the iPad version are supported on the iPhone, albeit on a smaller form factor.

First release submitted

AvPlan 1.0 has now been submitted for review to the Apple App store. We are looking forward to their review and on track for availability in the next week or so.