AvPlan 1.5.4

AvPlan 1.5.4 is now available via the Apple App Store. This release includes the following new features;

  • Direct to navigation
  • New course prediction display
  • Lock screen button
  • Approach timer
  • UTC clock
  • Imports flight plans in GPX format from Command Flight Planner and iVFR.net
Direct To navigation to a point in your current plan is enabled  by tapping and holding on a leg in the flight plan and selecting ‘Direct To’ from the menu which appears. (You will also notice a bunch of other new buttons here, to simplify other tasks). To track direct to any other point, tap the map near that point and tap ‘Direct To’ on the Nearest Items view. Then tap ‘+’ on the row corresponding to the waypoint.
To cancel direct to navigation and activate a leg in the current plan, tap and hold on the leg in the flight plan and select ‘Activate Leg’.
The course prediction display can be enabled by selecting the appropriate menu item on the En Route tab. This will then show the current course, with the location in 2, 5 an 10 minutes displayed as arc’s on the line. The arc’s are 10 degrees in length.
An allowance for approach fuel has been added, and taxi time changed to a taxi fuel allowance.
The updated user manual is available at www.avsoft.com.au/avplan/avplan-user-manual/
We are also excited to announce the impending availability of AvPlan for iPhone. The beta testing team are currently busy trying out all the functionality. This will be available in the coming weeks and will also enable support for wirelessly syncing flight plans between your devices.
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  1. Brendon says:

    Great work with this application.

    Is there any way to simply submit a SARTIME to censar like in NAIPS rather than submitting an entire flight plan? If not would this be possible in future updates.

    Thanks once again.

  2. admin says:

    There is not a way currently to do this, but I don’t see a problem adding this functionality in the near future.

  3. optom@internode.on.net says:

    Awesome app guys, you’ve done a fantastic job combining all of the features for flight planning on the ground as well as in the air! Just a couple of questions, is there currently any way to bookmark AIP/ERSA entries? Or a way of quick access to the desired pages? Same with commonly used approach plates, any way to bookmark those? One more for the wish list would be automatic loading of reporting points for an IFR plan on designated routes once the departure and destination airports are entered. Again congratulations on producing this app, it really beats hands down your competition…two thumbs up from me!


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