Urgent chart changes for the Melbourne VTC

Yesterday AIP SUP H132/18 went into effect which amends the recommended altitudes when transiting airspace south of Melbourne Airport, and when transiting to the west of Moorabbin.

The recommended altitudes when flying from Laverton BOM tower eastbound to Station Pier are now 1500ft, and westbound from Station Pier are 2000ft.

When transiting past Moorabbin, the recommended altitudes are now 1500ft southbound, and 2500 ft northbound.

As per the AIP-SUP, chart updates will not be officially provided until the next chart update in May 2019. Because of the safety impact, we have amended the charts within AvPlan EFB to reflect these urgent changes.

We have incorporated these changes into the Mega VFR chart and these changes are now available for download.

To download this amended chart section;

  • Open AvPlan EFB and navigate to Settings, Data Downloads, Other Downloads
  • Scroll down and delete the South East Australia MegaVFR download
  • Download that chart section again
  • Go to Enroute and tap the Map Selection button and re-select the MegaVFR chart.

Once you do that you should see the corrections applied to your chart.