Referral Programme 2016

We’re happy to announce our new referral programme for 2016 for Australian and US subscribers*. Refer someone to AvPlan EFB and when they become a subscriber you will both receive an additional 3 months on your subscription*. Refer as many people as you like.

Head to to refer a friend to AvPlan EFB today.

The offer is valid for AvPlan EFB subscriptions in Australia and the USA, and excludes the AOPA and Country Airstrip Guide upgrades.


Global Airspace

AvPlan EFB now includes a global database of controlled and special use airspace. No matter where you fly you can plan to avoid airspace during pre-flight planning and also receive airspace notifications as you fly.

To view airspace as an overlay on the maps, open AvPlan EFB on your device and tap Map Settings, View Items, Airspace to add that overlay.

The airspace database is fully compatible with the AvPlan EFB Virtual Copilot.

No special actions need to be taken to download this database – AvPlan EFB will automatically download and save the required data for the regions you have selected.





Infrastructure upgrades

This weekend the AvPlan EFB devops team completed a major upgrade to the supporting computing infrastructure that powers AvPlan EFB. Over the past few months customer growth has increased dramatically, bringing forward our infrastructure changes for 2016.

The transition to the new platform which is much more highly scalable than before was completed with the minimum of disturbance to end users. We’re now set up to deliver some really exciting additions which are coming really soon.

Great work team!

Australian ARFOR changes

Today, 10th November 2016, there are some changes going live to Australian ARFOR. The winds aloft in the ARFOR now only extends to 10,000ft (where it was 20,000ft previously). Additionally, ARFORs will not be amended, but AIRMETs will be issued for significant weather changes.

AvPlan EFB 7.2 automatically uses grid winds above 10,000ft.

For more information see

AvPlan EFB 7.2

AvPlan EFB 7.2 is now available in the Apple App Store. This update brings live AIP-SUP for Australian users. Within hours of a new AIP SUP being posted on the Airservices Website it will be available within AvPlan EFB on the Text pane. Additionally, AIP SUP for an airport will also appear on the Terminal pane for that airport.

AIP SUP will also automatically download and save on your device for offline use.

AvPlan EFB 7.2 also includes a worldwide winds aloft database. Flights can be planned anywhere and AvPlan EFB will have winds aloft information up to 48 hours in the future. To see future winds, update the departure time in your flight plan and AvPlan EFB will automatically use the appropriate winds.