May 26th Data Update

Data updates valid from the 26th of May are now ready to download within AvPlan EFB. This cycle is a major update in all areas.

For Australian subscribers there are new VFR, IFR maps plus updated ERSA and DAP pages for download. This cycle includes the decommissioning of over 170 navigation aids so there are a lot of changes!  For those with decommissioned navaids in saved flight plans, expect that these will need some editing before they can be re-used.

For New Zealand subscribers there are updated AIP pages and new IFR Enroute charts for download. This update sees the addition of IFR lowest safe altitudes to our database. Expect to see your flight plans down IFR routes to have the appropriate LSALT value populated.

For US subscribers there are updates Sectional, IFR enroute charts, AFD and approach plates for download.

Our database now includes all IFR routes for the globe and additional airports and IFR waypoints. These will also become active on the 26th at midnight local time.

You will also notice some spectacular new global VFR and IFR enroute chart coverage on the 26th. We know you are going to love it!

Digital Data for your Dynon SkyView

Today we’re happy to announce the upcoming availability of Australian digital data for your Dynon SkyView. We are bundling it in with the current set of Australian data (Seamless VFR and IFR maps, geo-referenced airport diagrams and DAPs). The digital data will be ready to download prior to May 26th. Current subscribers to our Dynon data will receive the digital data as well, for the existing period of their subscription.

New subscribers can subscribe now for the existing price ($99 AUD) before it rises to $169 on May 26th.

Our digital data is sourced directly from AirServices Australia, so is more complete and current than existing data sets from some overseas suppliers.