Default Aircraft Icon

The Default Aircraft Icon is the icon that is displayed on the map whenever there is no plan currently open.  i.e. your Stored Plans list is visible.

To change your icon, tap Settings > User Settings > Default Aircraft Icon.



Select the icon you’d like to see, then tap the back button:

IMG_2166 copy

Now, you should see that particular icon whenever you’re in between flight plans!


Give it a try.


April 28th Data Updates

Data updates valid from the 28th of April are now available for download within AvPlan EFB. For US subscribers there are updated sectional charts and terminal procedures. For Australian and NZ subscribers there are updated AIP SUP pages for download.

To update your devices, open AvPlan EFB and tap Settings, Data Downloads, Update

If you connect your device to WiFi networks, try turning on the automatic data update function under Settings, User Settings.


Entering Passenger Names

If you simply add a weight to a load station, it’s treated as cargo by AvPlan EFB.  If you wish to add names and weights, the usual way is by tapping the ‘Persons on Board’ text….however there is a short-cut:

Tap Planning > Aircraft Loading/Weight and Balance/Fuel Planning.

Then, instead of tapping the green field, tap the middle of the load station.


Tapping this area will open up a second field directly below the original.  In this new line, enter the passenger name and their associated weight.  Once you’ve finished entering the name and weight, tap the return key.  The weight will then be entered in the load station, and also the figure in the Persons on Board field will be updated accordingly.


For subsequent passengers, repeat the above process in the empty line.  Again…Each time you enter a new passenger, the Persons on Board field will be updated accordingly.


Once you’ve entered your passengers using this method, when you print preview or print the Load Sheet (tap Planning > Print Preview Load Sheet), you’ll see individual passenger names and their associated weights listed.

Give it a try!