AvPlan EFB Premium Bundle

We’re pleased to announce AvPlan EFB Premium; a new bundle deal with AvPlan EFB. We have created a single ‘all you can eat’ subscription bundle for Australia and US customers. Simple to purchase and packed with value (including our Worldwide coverage) for just $219 AUD for the Australian Premium edition or $139 USD for the USA Premium edition.

Sign up online at www.avplan-efb.com/shop



Updated data valid from 25th May 2015

Updated navigation data valid from 25th of May 2015 is now available for download.

In the United States, this includes;

  • Updated Sectional charts
  • Updated Enroute Low and High Charts
  • New AF/D
  • Updated terminal procedures

In Australia, we have updated AIP SUP and new MegaVFR charts for Queensland and South East Australia (to correct a missing Gold Coast VTC).

In New Zealand there is an updated AIP SUP and AIC document.

To update the data on your device, open AvPlan EFB and tap Settings, Data Downloads, Update. AvPlan EFB will download the data in the background while you perform other work on your device.


AvPlan EFB 5.1

AvPlan EFB HQ brings you V5.1 – a new updated version with the following features:

  • New Apple Watch app

See departure, destination and alternate weather at a glance. Nearest airports with plain text weather, timers and more.
Read more about AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch here. Our watch app is free of charge for all AvPlan EFB subscribers!

  • Live fuel prices

Check out the new FBO option under Terminal to view and update fuel prices for any airport, worldwide!

  • The AvPlan EFB Pro weather overlays are now point-queriable in the United States

Get precise rainfall levels, echo tops values, freezing levels just by tapping on the map when you have the Velocity Weather overlays enabled.

  • Use expired data

We allow you to use AvPlan with expired data. If you forget to update your data, or are away from internet access for an extended period, AvPlan EFB will no longer just be blank when your data expires. You will now still be able to use your maps, but we will warn you that the data has expired. You’ll see the warning every hour to remind you to update you data.

  • AvPlan Live Additions

We’ve extended AvPlan Live to re-broadcast in flight aircraft to other AvPlan EFB users. Tap Settings, User Settings to enable AvPlan Live. In Australia, we will also submit a user identifier with your flight plans when AvPlan Live is enabled. With that, AMSA can quickly locate you if required. Other AvPlan EFB users will see your aircraft location with altitude and ground speed. Your aircraft callsign etc will not display – your targets are anonymous.

In addition, for a short time, we are sending all ADSB equipped aircraft as well in this live feed. You will see all aircraft within approximately 60 Nm. Please provide feedback to support@avplan-efb.com

  • New Lockheed Martin FSS interface for flight plan filing (USA only)

The new flight plan filing interface sends plans directly to Lockheed Martin FSS in the United States. You don’t need to provide any authentication details, and VFR plans can be opened and closed at a touch of a button (under Planning).

  • New ADSB traffic symbology

The ADSB traffic symbology is now a cyan arrow, with a track velocity vector. The velocity vector is 1 minute long – this will show where the aircraft will be in 1 minute.

  • Other Fixes

In addition we have resolved a number of issues some users have experienced;

  • Errors when submitting plans and getting an ‘acid’ error about a valid callsign are resolved
  • Download Sync is now disabled by default. To use it, tap Devices under Downloads and use the switch to turn it on.
  • The NavData Update button will be responsive at all times
  • Performance fixes on the Data download page
  • Fixes for POB when submitting a SARTIME in Australia
  • Fixes for the IFIS briefing screen for New Zealand
  • The RNP2 path for non-departure legs is now correct – these need to be a 12nm sausage only
  • Fixed an issue which stopped some aircraft settings synchronising
  • Fixed missing decimal place on Millitary UHF frequencies under Terminal

Download V5.1 in the Apple App Store today, and don’t forget to rate us!