AvPlan EFB Data Updates – April 30th

Data updates valid from April 30th are now available for download. We have greatly enhanced the map generation process, and map download sizes are now 50% smaller than before. Expect to see greater download speeds with future chart updates

For US subscribers we have updated the Sectional, IFR en route charts. In addition there are new terminal procedures and a new AFD edition. For New Zealand subscribers there is a new AIP SUP. Australian subscribers will see updated fuel prices, updated AIP SUP.


Aces High for AvPlan EFB and Paul Bennet Airshows

The team at AvPlan EFB is excited to announce their partnership with Paul Bennet Airshows.

“We’re proud that we can assist Paul and his team in getting to airshows around Australia, and the world, showcasing the diverse elements of general aviation,: said AvPlan EFB Company Director, Bevan Anderson. “From his breathtaking aerobatic displays in the Wolf Pitts Pro to the amazing aerobatic formation flying of the Sky Aces Aerobatic team, and historic war bird aircraft the team bring to each event, they are ideal ambassadors for AvPlan EFB.”

“My team and our aircraft travel all over Australia and the world to participate in airshows and we’re constantly having to navigate to, and manage way-finding at new locations,” said Paul Bennet. “Using AvPlan EFB makes it so much easier for us. Because we’re working inside high performance aircraft with limited space we don’t want to be messing around with paper maps. AvPlan EFB is really easy for us to use and with its international capability it has the best coverage of any EFB in Australia.”

“We’ve partnered with Paul Bennet Airshows because we see them as a benchmark for aviation performance and entertainment with the same innovative, pioneering values as the AvPlan EFB team,” continues Bevan Anderson. “AvPlan EFB is all about innovation, user experience and high performance levels, so it just seemed to be a logical fit for us.”

AvPlan EFB will be supporting Paul Bennet and his Sky Aces team at major aviation events including the upcoming Wings Over Illawarra Airshow on 2-3 May 2015.

AvPlan EFB comes to Apple Watch

We have been hard at work in the back rooms preparing AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch. We have taken the best of AvPlan EFB and brought it to the small screen.

AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch will be a no-cost upgrade for all AvPlan EFB subscribers.

Flight Timers

AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch has the current UTC time, your current flight time and endurance remaining. With a flick of your finger you can access a bunch of different timers; approach timers, fuel tank timers.


AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch also brings our innovative notification system onto your wrist. Receive controlled airspace, restricted airspace, runway alerts and be notified of frequency changes as you fly.

In Flight Weather

AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch also includes the nearest airports as you fly along. Displayed is the airport identifier, distance and bearing.

If we have the latest weather (via 3G or ADSB*) we will even display the airport weather conditions with a simple color code (no squinting trying to read a METAR on a tiny screen!)

AvPlan EFB for Apple Watch requires an iPhone  5S and above running at least iOS 8.2 .

Pre orders for the Apple Watch are open now, and go on sale on April 24.


iOS 8.3 Update

Recently Apple have released iOS 8.3 for new iPad’s and iPhone’s. We have had reports that this software update breaks connectivity between the iPad and some external bluetooth GPS units.

If you use an external bluetooth GPS device with your iPad it is recommended that you do not upgrade to iOS 8.3.

The internal GPS unit in Cellular+Wifi devices, and people using the GPS in a connected Sagetech Clarity ADSB receiver will have no issues with iOS 8.3