AvPlan EFB 3.1.1

Today we have released AvPlan EFB 3.1.1. In this release we have added the ability to have much more control over route selection when adding waypoints. AvPlan now gives you the choice to fly;

  • Direct
  • Via any IFR routes joining the two points
  • Via any Stored IFR routes joining the two points
  • Via the shortest IFR route joining the two points

In the past AvPlan made this determination itself, but now we hand control to you to choose the best routing to suit your operation.

AvPlan now includes the ability to tap on a forecast subdivision under Planning, Winds and the app will open the En Route pane and draw that subdivision on the map.  You can tap on any text with place names separated by ‘/’ or ‘-‘ and a line joining these points will be drawn on the current map.

We have also added the ability to print DAP/ERSA pages full page if desired, rather than the 2 pages per page compressed format. You can enable this under Settings, User Settings.

You will also notice new names against the waypoints on the map. The map now zooms and pans far faster than before. The SIGMET overlays have also changed to be less intrusive.

In addition we have fixed a number of issues that some where experiencing;

  • Printing multipage printouts
  • Issues with download timeouts
  • Issues when the BOM issue SIGMET’s in the wrong format
  • AvPlan now uses the cruise TAS for a leg that is all on descent

We are still progressing through the approval process so you can use AvPlan EFB as a replacement for paper maps, ERSA and DAP’s. It appears the CASA lawyers will be adding a bit of a delay as they can take a while to draft a single page letter with our approval number on it!



Reverse or Invert Flight Plan

Tap the edit button under the flight plan (first of the 5 buttons) to expose two rows of buttons under the flight plan. There are two buttons, one to invert the plan, and one to reverse the plan.

For example, you have a plan A-B-C
Reverse will change the plan to A-B-C-B-A (back to origin)
Invert will change the plan to C-B-A



Area Frequency

The current and next area frequency can be displayed on the Data Labels (Map Settings, Show Position). If you tap Map Settings, View Items, FIA Boundaries the FIA boundaries are plotted on the map. Double tap the region to display the airspace at that point, including the area frequency for that area.

Link AvPlan to Dropbox

AvPlan can now be linked to a dropbox account (or a shared dropbox account for your company documents). Go to the Text pane and scroll to the Dropbox section. Tap Link Account at the bottom to link to a dropbox account. It will create a directory named Apps/AvPlan EFB in the Dropbox account. PDF documents can then added to the folder and will appear in AvPlan.