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Many of you have noticed the hollow arrow in the status bar after running AvPlan EFB 3.0. We have implemented a feature called Geo Fencing in the app. We now place a region around your departure airports in your flight plan, so when you reach 5 NM and are airborne, the app will automatically set your departure time and activate the next leg in your flight plan.

When the app is in the background you will see the hollow arrow. If you close your flight plan the geo-fences are deleted, and you will see no hollow arrow when the app is in the background. This does not consume any extra power on the device either.

AvPlan EFB 3.0 Is Here

We are extremely excited to announce that AvPlan EFB 3.0 is now available in the App Store.

In this release we have added a bunch of really useful functionality;

  • New Mega Maps that automatically switch as you pan and zoom. Never ever fly off the edge of a map again. Never fumble to switch maps in flight.
  • New map overlays on VFR and IFR charts – Active restricted areas, Controlled Airspace, VFR & IFR waypoints, IFR routes, FIA boundaries
  • Automatic IFR routing between any airports in Australia
  • Greatly expanded weather options on the weather pane
  • New planning options (quick insert and abeam waypoints)
  • Simple download section (touch and go)
  • New Satellite Map
  • Detailed support for the United States.
  • Support for flight planning world wide.

We have also added many small improvements to the functionality in the app;

  • Database updates are much much faster
  • Weather radar overlay has 5 minute granularity and is at most 5-8 minutes old
  • New METAR overlays that declutter as you zoom
  • Expanded flight plan view that is easier to read and adds navaid frequency information. All flight plan fields are much larger to make editing a breeze.
  • Bookmarks can be made to all documents in the Text pane. These can be edited and automatically sync via iCloud.
  • Lock icon turns red when screen locked
  • Plus more

Download or update today from