AvPlan Live Traffic

See other AvPlan Live enabled users right on your map – no special equipment needed!

AvPlan Live uses your internet connected device to send your position to our server every 15 seconds.  The server then sends back the current positions of other AvPlan Live enabled users and they can be displayed directly on any map.


To enable it:

  1. Turn on AvPlan Live: Tap Settings > User Settings and ensure AvPlan Live is ticked.
  2. Enable visibility of the traffic on the map.  Tap EnRoute > Map Settings (two cogs icon) and ensure that Traffic is ticked.


Once enabled, traffic will appear as a cyan arrowhead with some data next to it.  These figures are GPS derived height in feet AMSL and groundspeed below.  If you zoom in far enough, you’ll also see a long extension out the front of the arrowhead.  That’s a One Minute Prediction marker.   In a similar way to the Course Pointer, it projects into the future assuming speed and heading remain unchanged. See below:


If you have a georeferenced plate shown on the map, the traffic will also appear on it:


When you’re in flight, you’ll also see a traffic target following along with you (see below).  That’s not someone trying to shadow you, rather it’s your confirmation that you’re successfully sending out your position to the system, and therefore others can see you.


In order for your position to be visible to others, you must be ‘in flight’:

  • You must be in Fly mode,
  • You must be travelling above taxiing speed and higher than 100 feet AGL.

Your location won’t be broadcast while you’re in the Aero Club having a cup of tea, or at home on the couch!   However, even while stationary you’ll continue to see other airborne traffic.

Note that this is a situational awareness tool only, and as it is using the wireless data networks it must not be relied upon.  Aircraft who lose connectivity to data may not be displayed for a time until connectivity is re-established.

Bearing that in mind, AvPlan Live traffic can serve as a great extension to your situational awareness.  The more users that enable this feature, the more traffic we’ll be able to see as we fly around.

Turn it on and see for yourself!