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Take your flight planning to new heights with AvPlan EFB, the premier lifetime Electronic Flight Bag app that grows with you as a pilot.

Why AvPlan EFB?

Get flying faster with AvPlan EFB – the multi-award winning Flight Planning and Electronic Flight Bag app that grows with you.

Comprehensive flight planning & moving-map navigation

Interactive Graphical Area Forecasts, plain-English

Highly accurate 4-D wind modelling

Easy NAIPS flight plan filing and access to NOTAMs

Longitudinal & Lateral Weight and Balance (iOS only)

For all pilots, at all levels

Outstanding support and customer service

Part 175 CASA Approved

iOS and Android

Save time with AvPlan EFB

Choose the industry leading electronic flight bag for pilots of all levels, filled with features to save you time, to help you plan smarter and fly sooner.

Chart Overlay

AvPlan EFB provides seamless VFR and IFR charts. Never fly off the end of a map. Additionally, over these charts you can selectively overlay the status of airspace (active PRD/MOA for example), weather radar, lightning, freezing levels, METARs, traffic (ADSB and AvPlan Live) and more.

Future Rain Radar

Subscribers can view the Future Rain forecast overlay on En route, Weather Overlays. This will show areas of rainfall up to 90 minutes into the future presented in a similar format to the actual rain radar.

Weight and Balance

Our weight and balance feature is extensive and provides multiple weight and balance profiles for an aircraft. Allowing you to easily generate load sheets and profiles.

Profile View

Profile View displays a horizontal representation of terrain, obstacle, and airspace. This view is an excellent tool to assist with planning vertical navigation and enhancing terrain or obstacle awareness during flight.

Weather Cameras

Take a look at the weather at your destination! Weather cameras allow a real-time image of the airport, with sometimes several cameras in different directions at a single site.

CASA Approved & designed for VFR recreational, professional IFR charter and global airline aviation operations.

Exceptional Customer Support to help you get the most out of AvPlan EFB.

First of all, Avplan has certainly exceeded my expectations and has gone above and beyond, more so than any of its competitors that I’ve used.

I was using another Australian EFB, which don’t get me wrong is great and all, but Avplan is better. I did not know what I was missing out on until I bought an Avplan subscription. My favourite things about this EFB include but are not limited to: the layout – simple, elegant, professional, clutter-free, easy to use/user friendly, appealing to look at and work with, weather information i.e. forecasts, radar, decoded forecasts, flight planning capabilities – route briefings, fuel availability/cost overplayed onto chart, automatic CTA/PRD briefings for all CTA/PRD expected en route without having to manually go and find out about restricted airspace etc.

I recommend Avplan to any pilot whether they are just a weekend warrior having some fun or a hardcore IFR, professional pilot.



Whilst working on the recent NSW and QLD floods, I found AvPlan to be invaluable for our search and rescue operations. In addition to traditional airmanship methods, AvPlan provided outstanding situational awareness in poor weather conditions and allowed us to co ordinate multiple missions ‘on the run’ increasing our utilisation and response times. The various government agencies all commented on the assistance the iPad and AvPlan have provided.

Nathan Scard

Deputy Chief Pilot for the Northern Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue Service, Lismore NSW

Reliable, feature rich, easy to learn, it just works! Pre flight (flight planning), in flight (flight plan management and navigation monitoring with moving maps), approach (with geo-referenced approach plates and track monitoring), post flight (automatically switches to the airport diagram on landing to assist taxiing). Even updates your logbook if you want. It’s hard to think what more this app could do. Latest update has even more features. Highly recommended for both private and commercial operations.


Commercial Pilot

For IFR or VFR, this is a major winner. Charts are up to date, easy to switch and makes the move to the EFB a breeze. Geo-reference on the approach plates makes flying them a pleasure. On the ground a unfamiliar aerodromes is not the worry about which taxiway or runway you are on anymore either. This app keeps getting better all the time. Good work team!



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