Delays delays

AvPlan 2.0 was rejected again early this morning – All the issues stem from Apple’s insistence we change from auto-renewing subscriptions, to non auto-renewing subscriptions. The rules for one or the other are very clear, but lets just say the transition from one to the other is ’50 shades of grey’.

The issue with this rejection is that we retained the ability for 1.0 subscribers to restore their subscriptions by default, and that we will not delete the old subscriptions until 2.0 is released. We have added a switch under the user settings to enable 1.0 subscribers to restore their subscriptions, and noted that we will delete the old subscriptions so they will not be available for new subscribers.

Hopefully this will appease the gods!

Now we are back in the queue for another indeterminate wait. Trust us it is going to be worth it – we have in the interim added the ability to download flight plans into your Garmin GPS’s – this will appear in 2.0 now. This will work with our online flight plan sharing service, My Flights.