AvPlan Update

It has been a busy few weeks in AvPlan HQ. Apple finally approved version 1.0 for release late last week. This was great news for us, but as the review had taken such a long time (3.5 weeks in total) we have decided to withhold it and release version 1.1 as the first public release.

This has been submitted to Apple and we expect the review to take about a week.

Since our last update we have added some new features into AvPlan 1.1 which make the app even more useful;

  • Optimise altitudes function
  • Download the status of all restricted areas for your plan
  • Print preview your flight plan

Progress has been made on the user manual, which should be available on this site by the time the app is released.

Unfortunately testing cycles have not permitted us to completely test the iPhone version so we will have to hold this version over for the next release. Anyone interested in testing the iPhone version feel free to contact us at support at avsoft.com.au.