AvPlan EFB Data Updates, 12 November 2015

Data updates for AvPlan EFB valid from the 12 of November 2015 are now available for download.

For US users there are updated Sectional and IFR approach plates. With this update, we are only sending out map areas which actually have changed, and not updating states which have not changed. This equates to a 50% saving in both update time and bandwidth.

For Australian users there are updated maps (PCA, VTC, VNC, TAC, ERC L and ERC H) for download, a new ERSA and DAP East and West. All updated DAP plates (418 in total) have been geo-referenced.

For New Zealand users there are updated IFR enroute charts and updated NZ AIP for download. We are still waiting for the updated NZ VNC chart, and this will be available for download soon after we receive it.

To download data updates, launch AvPlan EFB on your devices and tap Settings, Data Downloads, Update. The app will download the new data for your selected regions (data downloads will even complete in the background – you don’t need to keep AvPlan EFB in the foreground)

The final touches to AvPlan EFB 6.0 are being completed at the moment. One significant change will be the size of the database updates. If you only have one data area selected (Australia for example), data for just Australia will be downloaded. This equates to a 600% saving in database download size (down to ~10MB from ~60MB). For most users these will complete in the background and you will not need to to wait for these updates to download.