AvPlan EFB 5.3

AvPlan EFB 5.3 is now available from the Apple App Store as a free update for all users. AvPlan EFB 5.3 adds support for the WiFi interface for Dynon Skyview and AFS AF-5000 non-certified avionics. Additionally we have completely revised the flight plan/nav log printout, added a 3nm distance ring around your position and added the METAR colour code to the nearest items display.

AvPlan Omni has had a major new addition – the ability to wirelessly send flight plans to Dynon Skyview and AFS AF-5000 displays. The Dynon Skyview/AFS AF-5000 interface allows you to send a flight plan to your panel seamlessly via WiFi. Additionally, when connected, AvPlan EFB can use the GPS position from your Dynon Skyview instead of the in-built GPS. All that is required is the WiFi interface for your Dynon/AFS unit, which retails for approximately $35 USD. Tap Settings, External Devices to enable the Skyview/AFS interface. Once enabled, tap the Send button under the flight plan and ‘Send Flight Plan to Dynon’.

The flight plan/nav log printout has had a major update in AvPlan EFB 5.3. There are a bunch of improvements such as;

  • Corrected issues with printing flight plans across multiple page
  • Report now prints fuel data for all stages
  • Reformatted report, including flight plan delays
  • Added footer and header details
    – Aircraft Registration
    – Flight Plan Description
    – ETD Data
    – Print the date
    – Page N of N pagination
    – Routing for entire flight plan
    – Better pagination
  • Thumbnails for weather and load sheet
  • Toggle All button added print preview (affects all but first container)
  • Reformatted SARTIME information

We have added a 3NM distance ring around your aircraft. We see the primary users of this feature to be UAV operators. You can now see at a glance if you are within 3NM of an airport.

AvPlan EFB 5.3 also adds a bunch of little tweaks, improvements and fixes;

  • The IR satellite view is now 100% opaque, so there is better contrast with the underlying map
  • Your callsign is now sent with AvPlan Live, and can be tracked online
  • ‘Comms’ is now hidden under Terminal for areas we don’t have data
  • Quick plan entry now works for multi-stage flight plans
  • Auto-routing fixes for places where there are not many IFR routes
  • Fixes for old data purging
  • Send all data to device works under Settings, Data Downloads
  • Improvements to cross device data syncing.
  • Aircraft tracks correctly on rotated geo-referenced charts
  • Fixes for aircraft flight track when crossing the date line from west to east
  • Fix for selecting a favorite plate when the same chart exists for multiple airports