AvPlan EFB 5.0

AvPlan EFB 5.0 is our largest single release so far since the launch of AvPlan back in August 2011. In addition we launch a new website and a new subscription engine. The new website is designed to show you all there is to know about AvPlan EFB in the various regions we support. Our new subscription engine allows you to quickly and easily purchase a subscription in your local currency, and with auto-renewals, you can be sure you always have access to AvPlan EFB.

The goals around AvPlan EFB 5.0 was to cement AvPlan EFB’s status as the go-to electronic flight bag in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. It is now much easier to setup and get started and our website and user manuals are now completely updated to also give you the information you need to get going. We hope you are as happy with the result as we are. AvPlan EFB 5.0 will give you an additional two weeks to re-try the app if you have downloaded it before, but never subscribed. We know you’ll love what we’ve done.

The new features in AvPlan EFB are;

There is a new user interface for the iPhone 6, 6+. This is tuned to the native display resolution and makes the iPhone really come alive. With the extra space we even have a fuel column in the flight plan.
There is an interface from AvPlan EFB into for Jeppesen FliteDeck. From the send button under the flight plan you can export your plan from AvPlan into FlightDeck on your iPad. With AvPlan EFB you can plan, brief (and soon file – coming soon!) your flights anywhere in the world, then fly with Jeppesen FliteDeck.
We have a new flight elevation view on iPad. Tap the mountain button on the En Route pane. Shows terrain, obstacles, flight profile and airspace.
There is a unique aircraft glide range view and planner. In Fly mode you will see nearest airport that is within glide range, and a green area showing you where you can glide to (taking your aircraft performance, terrain and winds into account). In Plan mode (for Pro subscribers) you will see all airports around your route, showing you what area you need to be in to glide to that airport. This capability is unique to AvPlan EFB and will assist those who operate single engine (reciprocating and turbine) aircraft.
AvPlan EFB 5.0 introduces Avril and Avery. These are two people who can talk to you from the app. They will let you know through your headset (bluetooth or cable) of airspace, runways, heading changes, altitude warnings, battery levels and en-route frequency changes. Now there is no need to be looking at your device to receive these notifications.
Double tap a flight plan route on the en-route pane to see the RNP2 boundary around the route (the correct great circle path) highlighting the highest obstacle and terrain within the path. Pro subscribers will see the MEA calculation and can automatically apply this to their flight plan once they have verified the calculations.
We have added fuel prices for Avgas and Jet-A. Tap Map Settings, View items on the nn-route pane. Look out for the ability to add, change fuel prices in AvPlan EFB 5.1, and support for MOGAS.
AvPlan EFB now can download its data from nearby devices. When away from internet access, AvPlan EFB can now download data from nearby devices. All devices must be on the Data Downloads page for peer downloads to work.
There is a new high resolution weather radar overlay. We have dramatically improved the contrast and resolution of the radar. Areas of light rain do not disappear into the map background and we accentuate areas of intense rainfall so they are not lost in the overall noise. In addition there is dramatically better resolution when you zoom in.
We have added rocket boxes showing your track and heading that can be added to your route. Tap the map settings button at the top right to activate.
Mega-zoom on our mega-charts now will auto-load airfield diagrams on the mega charts. Just zoom into an airport (KOSH for example) and the airport diagram will appear. This feature requires the Pro subscription
There is a new quick plan entry at the top of the flight plan. The flight plan description field has moved to the bottom of the plan. Enter your route to be flown and the plan will be created.
There are new brightness controls with auto-dim. Auto-dim will help prevent over temperature shutdowns of your iPad when in bright sunlight (when the iPad gets hot from the sun, plus the iPad gets hot from the internal backlight making the screen bright because it is in the sun). The screen can auto-dim after a configurable delay. Just tap the screen to restore. The app isn’t ‘sleeping’, it is running as usual with the screen dim so will come to life instantly when the screen is tapped.
We have added Weight and Balance quick setup. Tap the cog icon on the Weight and Balance page to change the aircraft loading units (kg, lbs, USG, litres) and other loading information.
They are the key new features in AvPlan EFB. We have been busy fixing issues and making small improvements. Some of these are;
  • IFIS flight plan filing in New Zealand now sends your phone number for IFR plans
  • More comments in the app around creating and editing the aircraft details
  • The aircraft models on the website now also appear under Settings, Aircraft Type Database. Just tap on a model to automatically import it. Aircraft models are now verified prior to publishing them on our website.
  • New help view when entering a flight plan. This will not appear once your device has 10 flight plans
  • You can now change the aircraft pointer color (the orange dotted line)
  • If you cancel the pop-up asking you which area you are in for winds, the winds will be disabled. Tap the flag under the flight plan to re-enable winds
  • We auto-zoom to your plan when you open a new plan, or add waypoints to your plan (in Plan mode)
  • When importing an existing aircraft model, you will be prompted to delete, merge or cancel  the model import.
  • Fixed missing altitudes when importing a previously filed flight plan
  • When you transition into internet connectivity, AvPlan EFB will try and update forecasts immediately rather than wait for 15 minutes since the last attempt to pass. This means you are more likely to have up-to-date weather on your device
  • Fixes to the fuel loads printed on the load sheet
  • If the weather database becomes corrupted, it will be automatically deleted
  • We check your login state at initial launch and flag to you if your password is incorrect.
  • New password change options under Settings, User Settings, Username
  • VOR frequencies are printed correctly on the flight plan (trailing .0 added)
  • Lots of improvements to make the iPad 1 faster
  • You can re-order load stations in the aircraft weight and balance profile
  • More error checking when submitting flight plans via DUAT
  • Increased METAR density on the maps.
  • Fixed route distances on the ‘select route’ page
  • When flying VFR, the ‘select route’ page does not appear. If you are flying Night VFR, turn IFR on during planning, then tap VFR before submitting your plan
  • When you have submitted a flight plan, the response text is visible when you go back into the Submit Flight Plan section.
  • We have moved the ruler away from your fingers so you can see where you are measuring. Tap and hold with two fingers to bring up the ruler.
  • SIGMET’s are not quite so orange
  • When editing a user waypoint and searching by street address, if you don’t select an address we will not clear the lat/long of the original waypoint
  • You can annotate all pages of a multi-page plate under Terminal (Australian ERSA for example)
  • You can change the HUD items on iPhone 6, 6+
  • There is now the option to add 6 minute markers on the route
  • You can view the state of a SIGMET on iPhone
  • Geo-referencing on rotated plates work, and these can also be overlaid on the maps
  • The HSI scales correctly, and can be repositioned anywhere on the iPad screen
  • Met-Jet logins will be saved for future use
  • When searching for waypoints, AvPlan will search by ident and by name automatically
  • Flight plan syncing, aircraft syncing now quite a deal faster

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact at support@avplan-efb.com or our various support phone numbers worldwide.