AvPlan data import and export

We have put a lot of effort to allow you to import existing flight plans into, and export flight plans from AvPlan. Currently we support importing plans from;

  • Command Flight Planner
  • Champagne Flight Planner 3000
  • iVFR.net
In the near future you will also be able to import flight plan’s in Garmin’s format (to import plans from Jeppesen FlightStar amongst others). To import a plan, simply email the GPX export file from the programs listed above to yourself, and tap on the attachments on your iPad. This will import the plans into AvPlan.
We also support exporting your flight plans in GPX format directly from the app. This feature (tap on the export button at the bottom of your flight plan) when combined with an SD card writer attached to your iPad (see some examples here) will enable you to export flight plans and import them into your portable GPS.
Those of you with flat panel Garmin avionics (G1000, G600, G500 and others) will be excited to know that in AvPlan 2.0 we will support exporting your flight plans in a format which can be read by your panel mounted avionics.