AvPlan 1.7

AvPlan 1.7 is now available in the App Store. In this release we have added the following new features;

  • SARTIME only notifications can be sent to AirServices
  • Flight plans and SARTIME’s can be amended and cancelled inside the app
  • User waypoints can be created from street addresses
  • The route annotations (TOD, TOC and PNR) can be hidden from the map.

We have included the ability to send SARTIME only flight notifications to the briefing office. In addition you can cancel or amend a previous notification directly. To change a flight notification, make the necessary changes to the plan and just submit it again. NAIPS will then report back only the pieces of the plan that have changed (this should make changing departure time’s or SARTIME’s prior to departure far easier than before). In addition SARTIME’s can be cancelled by tapping the ‘Cancel’ button in the ‘SARTIME’ section of the Planning pane.

User waypoints can now be created from street addresses, for those responding to callouts from the SES and other emergency services. This requires an active internet connection to function.

We have added a new user setting to disable moving map mode if required. With this disabled the app will function as it did before, with the GPS disabled. The GPS is then enabled when an active flight plan is in ‘Fly’ mode. This will improve battery life significantly.

In addition we have fixed a number of bugs, and fixed an issue that in rare cases caused the app to crash when the map was zoomed.